Now it is possible to watch close to every sporting event live on your PC. All you need is ourĀ  toolbar. The installation takes less than a minute and could be done by a complete computer newbie.
With this fantastic toolbar you can watch all the sports that would cost a ton on your cable bill. The best part is that is absolutely free. You can see a detailed list of what you can watch here.

How is it possible?
This is the question we get every day. Here is how it works. Thousands of television channels from all over the world broadcast live streams on the Internet 100% free. This means that a boxing match that would cost you big bucks to watch in America is absolutely free in some other countries. What our toolbar does is find all these free live streams. This means each sporting event will have multiple channels available for you to select from.

Does it work?
Oh yes. It works very well. It is very rare that there is a sporting even that we do not have live. We have gotten so much possitive feedback on our toolbar. You can read some of the user feedback we have gotten here.

Why is it free?
Our software collects all the free live streams available. We can not and will not change you for a service that is free. Our software is automatic, which means it costs very little to maintain. We do take donations.

Is it legal?
Yes. Everything is legal. As explained above. All the streams we provide are free, provided by the television channels themselves, we have simply added all these stream in one huge free package.